Galactico is a tiny strategy game. Build ships, colonize planets and gather resources.


Just the mouse. Use the right mouse button to drag and the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Left click for any other action, like selecting a ship.


At the center of your industrial empire is your home planet. All the resources brought there will be used to build new ships. The rarer the resources, the better the ships.

There a four types of ships:

  • A Colony ship can be send to a distant planet to establish a new colony.
  • A Speeder is quick but carries only a single resource at a time.
  • A Lorry has a farther range and carries two resources.
  • A Carrier can traverse the entire galaxy and can transport three resources.

By default a ship only picks up resources that are relevant to planets and colonies in its route. Alternatively you can select a ship and change the resources it accepts.

In general a colony requires a certain amount of resources to convert them to new resources. Colonies are the key to acquire rare resources.

Just to let you know, there is no end game. Just enjoy the satisfaction of having automated ships going about their day (whatever a day means in space anyway).

Additional credits

Color palette is Zughy 32 by Zughy.

The music track is Son of a Rocket by Kevin MacLeod

Change log

First concept

Prepared for web build

Tutorial added
Minor balancing

v0.4 (final jam version)
UI improvements
Game playable with mouse only

Three new planets and resources
Six new colonies
Major balancing


Download 20 MB


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Love the resource management in this game. Here is my planets in Galactico.

A nice little game here. Maybe have some sort of win condition where you build a galactic colony ship that'll start the game over?

Fun! I'm always looking out for relaxing strategy games.

The downloadable .exe gives an error when I try to open it: "couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?"